Finn Scooters

This game changing mode of transportation encourages faster play and elevates the fun factor in a big way. These single-rider carts that speed up the pace of play with an average pace of 7.5 minutes per hole (don't forget groups in front will be on standard pace).

$26 for 18 holes

$15 for 9 holes


  • Electric
  • Silent
  • GPS tracking


  • Extra fun
  • Faster play
  • 36-hole battery life

What to know about Finn scooters


One rider and bag per scooter on a first come - first served basis (no reservations.)

Not useable when it is cart path only.

All carts are GPS tracked for security.

How to rent

Prior to operation, users will demo the unit with a staff member to ensure safe use.

Download the new Eagl App to ride, we are no longer utilizing the Finn Scooters App. 

Want to save time? 

Download the .EAGL App Now!

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